Greetings from Bucky!

Wear it, live it, love it.

I don’t do anything half-ass, and when something has my logo on it... it’s the highest quality I can get my hands on.

NotInMod (Nothing In Moderation)!

Start making a damn statement with what you wear! Stop looking like everyone else. Make people feel uncomfortable. Make them actually think... while not giving a shit about what they are thinking.

I’m going to be adding to this store ongoing... so check back to see when I have turned on my creativity fountain (i.e. my hair!). All prices listed INCLUDE shipping within the continental US.

  • BKYH8 Hats

    BKYH8 Hats

    Ever heard of a “hat snob?” That’s me! I’m serious about this swag shit, and my hats are the real deal my “not friend.” BKYH8 logo on the front, IH8U on the side, and STFU on the back... how could you not wear this hat? And by the way, it’s the most comfortable hat on the planet. Even the inside of the hat has my logos & sayings, with the BKYH8 logo sandwiched in between the brim. OCD anyone?! Repeat... OCD anyone?!... Repeat...

  • BKYH8 Signature Shades

    BKYH8 Signature Shades

    These are the exact style of shades you see The Buckster wearing on the cover of my new book, I HATE EVERYONE but you, of course! I love my shades, and have over 100 different styles in my personal rotation... but these are my favorite. I liked them so much, I bought every pair available direct from the manufacturer so my growing army of H8ters can wear the exact shades The Buckster wears. I do nothing in moderation! Grow a pair & Get a pair, Player!

  • BKYH8 T-shirts

    BKYH8 T-shirts

    I’m a t-shirt freak. That’s what I wear every single day, so quality and feel is of the utmost importance to me. I want you to grab for my shirts because you know that it’s the most comfortable shirt you have….and has a message that warrants attention. I’m going to add different styles ongoing, so make sure and check back to see what The Buckster is creating.

  • BuckVis Shades

    BuckVis Shades

    Forget Elvis... the show is now BuckVis... especially when I’m wearing these shades. The King of MotiH8tion! The Sultan of InspirH8tion! No jumpsuit needed my “not friend.”

  • Everything but the kitchen sink